Hi! I'm Annie.

I'm a designer and engineer committed to making the world a more equitable, sustainable, and compassionate place.

Sewer in a Suitcase
Redesigning an interactive community education tool that teaches city residents about the impacts of urban sewer systems.
Human-Centered Design, Design for Manufacturing
The Portabraille Printer
Designing and building an affordable and effective Braille printer.
UI/UX Design, Human-Centered Design, HTML/CSS Development, Mechanical Design
Joe Knows
Designing and developing an accessible and intuitive way for people to use public transportation.
UI/UX Design, Human-Centered Design, iOS Development, Packaging Design
Air Partners
Designing and developing accessible training materials enabling community members in Roxbury, MA to monitor and mitigate air quality.
Human-Centered Design, Graphic Design
Art and Wellness
Creating and managing a program to support people who are unhoused with an outlet for artistic expression.
Curriculum Development, Program Management
Collective Action Studio
Collaborating with artists and curators to create a museum experience in a digital world.
3D Modeling, Animation
ADE Posters
Designing a set of posters to communicate the impacts of community-engaged engineering projects at Olin College and Babson College.
Graphic Design
Tattoo Design
Creating deeply personal pieces of art for friends.
Graphic Design, Illustration
Circular Fashion Forum Web Design
Designing a website for an ethical fashion nonprofit.
Website Design
Maya Experiments
Adventures in digital sculpture.
3D Modeling, Animation
Formula SAE Enclosures
Designing and building a safe and intuitive dashboard for a Formula One electric racecar.
3D Modeling, Packaging Design, Mechanical Design
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