As part of my work with the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), I'm redesigning Sewer in a Suitcase-- a community education toolkit that demonstrates the environmental impact of urban wastewater systems and what we can do today to keep our public resources clean and usable.
I'm collaborating with educators from different organizations around New York City to conduct user interviews, develop 3D models, and build physical prototypes of what a new design might look like. The new version of Sewer in a Suitcase is more comfortable to carry and easier to use, but still retains the original kit's joy and fun. We're also redesigning Sewer in a Suitcase for scale-- CUP plans to distribute these kits around the world, so I developed a manufacturing plan that would enable environmentally and financially sustainable production.
We're currently looking for funding to continue developing Sewer in a Suitcase. Please reach out if you know of any grants, organizations, or programs that you think might be a good match for this project!
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